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The role of acoustics in architecture is not just about achieving perfect sound levels. With the right acoustic solutions in place, it will enhance the way people interact with each other and the space around them.

Our Managing Director – Ben Hancock joined Architecture Today’s Workplace Webinar panel: ‘Designing healthy and desirable places to work’ to explore how quality acoustics can improve health and wellbeing by creating a calm and peaceful environment where employees can thrive


reduce noise, improve focus and boost the happiness

With over four decades of sound business, we have built an unrivalled reputation for the reliability, quality and performance of our acoustic products. It’s why we’ve become synonymous with the changing face of the office landscape, working with businesses of all sizes to reduce noise, improve focus and boost the happiness and welfare of staff.

We’re the leading provider of acoustic solutions for buildings throughout Great Britain. Our SonaSpray range of seamless, acoustic decorative finishes allow architects the freedom to design without the constraints of traditional acoustic methods.

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