how we became a certified carbon neutral company

SonaSpray K-13 Special white applied to ceilings throughout 20 Water Street, London. Tétris design x build & Jonathan Banks Photography.

Oscar Acoustics is proud to be independently certified as completely Carbon Neutral across our entire operations, including the transportation of our products.

As we work towards our long-term goal of Net Zero by 2050, we’re taking real actions right now to reduce our emissions in line with science based targets (SBTs) and ensure that we’re playing our part in slowing rising temperatures.

the final destination

We’ve set our eyes on turning Oscar Acoustics into a Net Zero company by no later than 2050.

SBTs have been set with the aim of meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement: to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Oscar Acoustics will be using SBTs as a pathway to achieving our Net Zero goal.

It means, one way or another, we will have to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We’ll be doing that either through cutting our absolute carbon emissions by a minimum of 90% from our baseline year (2023) or reducing carbon emissions to an average of less than one tonne per employee – whichever we can achieve faster.

Keeping on top of these ambitious emissions targets naturally calls for forward-planning, so we’ve established a number of near-term goals designed to reduce our emissions by 2035. By reducing Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (respectively, the emissions produced directly by us, the emissions produced indirectly by us and the emissions produced up and down our value chain) we’ll keep ourselves on track for Net Zero.

There are also many steps we’ve committed to taking in future, including:

  • Relocating to offices fitted with solar panels this year
  • Switching our owned fleet to electric or hybrid vehicles by 2040
  • Implementing behaviour change initiatives within the workplace to reduce emissions
  • Reviewing our logistics partners and working with providers to minimise upstream and downstream emissions within our distribution network

how we’re helping customers achieve their carbon reduction goals

Having established our carbon reduction goal and an ISO-certified environmental management system, we’re also focused on helping our customers enhance the green credentials of their buildings.

Our range of acoustic products have been designed to satisfy sustainable design certification systems including BREAAM, SKA, Living Building Challenge and LEED. Furthermore, our SonaSpray acoustic spray finishes are M1 Classified as Low Emitting Building Materials and are GREENGUARD Gold Certified for Indoor Air Quality.

The result is that our products have been applied in some of the UK’s greenest projects, including the Enterprise Centre at the University of East Anglia.

SonaSpray K-13 Special in white applied to ceilings throughout 20 Water Street offices. Tétris design x build & Jonathan Banks Photography.

The Enterprise Centre has been dubbed ‘the UK’s greenest building’ and was built with the aim of encouraging graduates to start-up new sustainable businesses. To help fulfil their aim of creating a world-class educational facility from sustainable materials, the architects applied SonaSpray K-13 noise reduction spray consisting of recycled, natural plant-based fibres and specialist water based adhesives. Including SonaSpray contributed to the building achieving the Passivhaus standard and a BREEAM outstanding rating.

the steps we’ve taken to become carbon neutral

And in our efforts to reach Net Zero, we’ve already made a number of big changes to cut our carbon emissions.

20 Water Street – SonaSpray K-13 Special in white applied to ceiling for reverberation control. Tétris design x build & Jonathan Banks Photography.

We’ve worked with Positive Planet to establish a carbon reduction goal and offset the emissions of our entire operation, including transportation, to become a Carbon Neutral company in part by supporting offsetting projects in Brazil, Colombia and Egypt.

The VTRM Renewable Energy 2 project in Brazil facilitates the installation and operation of renewable energy plants such as wind turbine farms. By supplying more sources of clean and renewable energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, the project is dramatically reducing greenhouse emissions as well as supporting creating more job opportunities in the local economy.

In Colombia, The El Edén project has led to the greater availability of clean energy locally and nationwide through the construction of a hydroelectric plant. Using water from the La Miel River, the plant provides renewable energy to the national grid and reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases like nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.

And in Egypt, nitrous oxide emissions have been reduced by over 1 million tCO2e a year. The Nitrous Oxide Reduction project limits 98% emissions of the Abu Qir II plant, preventing harmful nitrous oxide from entering the atmosphere and contributing to global warming.

Through supporting offsetting projects such as these, Oscar Acoustics is helping to contribute towards more sources of renewable energy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions around the world.

We’ve also completed several important measures since we established our carbon reduction goal. That includes committing to measure our carbon footprint year-on-year to gain an understanding of how and where we can improve, as well as creating a cross-departmental Green Team to support the roll- out of initiatives and collaboration throughout the company.

Although Net Zero is the end point of our journey, we’re proud to be making changes to offset our carbon emissions in the here and now.

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