SonaSpray – RIBA J PIP Offices webinar

Office design of the future.  Agile workspaces that focus on wellness & acoustic comfort

Oscar Acoustics were a proud sponsor of the Riba Journal Office Developments PiP webinar in June 2021. Covering the latest products and materials we explored how collaboration between architects, consultants, and manufacturers are helping create better designed, inclusive, inspiring, and sustainable office developments.

Watch our Managing Director, Ben Hancock’s presentation – ‘Office design of the future.  Agile workspaces that focus on wellness and acoustic comfort.’

Offering a calm and acoustically comfortable workspace is more important than ever and it is crucial to choose an acoustic system that allows for office configuration and reconfiguration as requirements shift.

SonaSpray is a recycled, fire-rated architectural acoustic finish applied to the ceiling above.  It conforms to any surface shape and the high-performance adhesive bonds to virtually all common construction materials, including plaster, wood, metal and concrete, achieving superb acoustics without design compromise.  SonaSpray allows complete flexibility with Cat A and Cat B fit-out configuration and reconfiguration.  Dividing structures can be brought in and out without disrupting the seamless acoustic decorative finish above, enabling architects to create adaptable and calm spaces where employees don’t need to shout to be heard.

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