Oscar Iso-Mount Type1 achieves over 90-minute fire rating

Oscar Iso-Mount Type1 fire rated acoustic hangers

Fire rated acoustic hanger
We are proud to announce that we have achieved over a 90-minute fire rating at BRE Group’s testing facility for our Oscar Iso-Mount Type1 acoustic hanger. Iso-Mount Type1 is a fire rated acoustic hanger that significantly reduces transmission of noise from the floor above but only loses 6mm of ceiling height.

The acoustic hanger was tested to BS EN 1365-2:2014 Fire Resistance Tests for Loadbearing Elements at BRE Group’s laboratory in Watford in December 2018.

Our team constructed a complete floor structure consisting of timber joists, timber floor and Type1 Iso-Mounts.

The structure supported two layers of 15mm Fireline board and 100mm of Rockwool insulation and during testing achieved over 90 minutes fire resistance, exceeding our target of 60 minutes!

Iso-Mount fire rated acoustic hangers

“We decided that our Iso-Mount Type1 should be fire tested to destruction,” comments Ben Hancock, director at Oscar Acoustics.

He continues: “Our acoustic hangers fix to the sides of timber floor joists and take the weight of the ceiling boards, the insulation and any items fixed to the ceiling boards. So if they fail in a fire the complete ceiling could drop, along with the insulation, exposing the underside of the floor and reducing the time of fire resistance. This fire rating will give specifiers confidence when introducing Iso-Mounts into a floor structure for increased airborne and impact sound resistance while maintaining the fire resistance of the floor.”

Oscar Iso-Mount Type1 can be specified for projects ranging from house conversion to flats, both new build and renovation, as well as shops, restaurants and other commercial soundproofing applications.

The fire rated acoustic hanger installation is a fast and simple clip together process giving the appearance of a standard plastered ceiling. The installation tests also exceed Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document E requirements.”

Fire rated acoustic hangertested to BS EN 1365-2:2014 Fire Resistance Tests for Loadbearing Elements.

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