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the solution for effective sound absorption

Good acoustics are essential to the way we experience a space. Whether the space is where we work, learn, exercise or relax, the sound experience is crucial to the way we operate and for our wellbeing. SoundBlox has over 35 years of experience in developing high quality acoustic materials which not only ensure an optimum acoustic environment in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications but they also fit into any design.

The simple yet highly effective design of SoundBlox acoustic masonry sound blocks make them the ideal affordable solution for reducing reverberation. They will help you create the right environment in any space, even at low frequencies.

Sound blocks for wall construction – cellular acoustic building blocks. See video below:

noise pollution in schools and the workplace – the solution

Noise pollution is a serious issue when considering a person’s health and wellbeing yet sound absorption and reverberation control all too often remain as an afterthought. There have been numerous noise pollution studies that have shown it can have a seriously negative effect on health, school performance, behaviour problems and a persons general wellbeing. If you consider how much time we spend in the workplace and children at school it’s easy to see how the correct acoustic solution can have a positive effect on us every day.

These acoustic masonry sound blocks can be used for all sorts of applications from industrial factories, warehouses, sports halls and gymnasiums to swimming pools. They can even be used in high noise level environments. SoundBlox can help to bring noise levels in plant rooms and factories down to managable levels, they can even be used in external road and railway sound barriers.

acoustic building materials

SoundBlox are made entirely of concrete, this means they are virtually maintenance free; they withstand frequent impact and quietly do their job for the life of a building. The acoustic blocks have a very ‘open’ structure, which is needed to ensure optimal sound absorption and reverberation control. This also has the added advantage that they have a favourable ratio of weight to brick volume, and therefore they have an additional beneficial MKI value.

SoundBlox work by absorbing both direct and reflected sound. They do this using the Helmholtz resonator principle. The selection of block, along with the use of rockwool or vitafoam fillers, enables us to adjust absorption characteristics to suit the environment or application. These acoustic masonry blocks are designed so that they can be laid along with standard masonry blocks and can create complete walls or attractive contrasting panels.

SoundBlox features and benefits

  • Optimum acoustic environment in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications
  • Affordable solution for reducing reverberation
  • Made entirely of concrete, meaning they are virtually maintenance free
  • SoundBlox work by absorbing both direct and reflected sound

technical specifications

SoundBloxCell FillerLengthWidthHeightkg/m2Block/m2N/mm2
G3 plain block03878719014412.56.5
W3 plain block038713719018012.510.2
N3 plain block032018719020015.012.2

Absorption125 Hz.250 Hz.500 Hz.1k Hz.2k Hz.4k Hz.

Once installed SoundBlox are resistant to impact damage and require virtually no maintenance. They’re fire resistance up to 2 hours, have a mechanical resistance (strength) of 8-12 N/mm sq. depending upon block selection, and a thermal conductivity rating on 2W(m2K).

Dimension: (lxwxh) 495x190x190 mm

Soundblox type A is a high-quality acoustic block with a high absorption performance, also available with filling for even higher absorption especially developed for reverberation reduction within a room.

Soundblox type A is easy to combine with hollow sight blocks (in both concrete and Argex) in a length of 320 mm as well as 290 mm and 390 mm. But also as massive visibility blocks of 290 mm long.

Type A acoustic blocks are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use and fit into any concept. This type is available in concrete and in the Argex material for even higher acoustic performance and a weight reduction of approx. 40%.

Soundblox Type A Specification

Dimension: (lxwxh) 495x190x195

Soundblox type C has been specially developed for industrial applications and sound absorption in the extremely low frequencies with absorption performance, particularly around 125 Hz.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and in self-supporting walls. Available with filling for higher acoustic performance. Also available with two fillings (front and rear) for even higher sound absorption.

Soundblox Type C Specification

Dimension: (lxwxh) 387x190x087 mm

The G block is our most “slender” block and is therefore often used as a front wall or as an intermediate wall solution. Also very suitable for back-to-back stimulation for two-sided absorption. Available without filling and with fillings in several thicknesses depending on the desired absorption performance within the room.

This type of Soundblox can be combined perfectly with (hollow) vision blocks , in both concrete and Argex design. In exactly the same dimensions, color and structure and solid blocks in 290 mm.

The G-block, as well as the corresponding view block in the same dimensions, is also available in Argex that gives a weight reduction of approx. 40% and also an increased absorption performance.

Soundblox Type G Specification

Dimensions (lxwxh) 360 x 190 x190 mm

The Soundblox type MA has been specially developed for reducing reverberation within a room in order to create a pleasant acoustic climate. The type MA is a particularly high-quality acoustic block, both in terms of absorption performance and aesthetic design.

Realization of concrete. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Available both without and with filling in several thicknesses for increased absorption performance, depending on the acoustic requirements within the room.

Standard color: light (Soundless) gray. Available as standard in three shades of gray: light (Soundless) gray, concrete (MBI standard color) gray and anthracite gray, from approx. 350 m2. Soundblox type MA is also available in mass colored. Multiple colors possible. Price on request. Standard executed in light structure. Also available in coarser structure.

Can be combined with regular view concrete block MA-3 (size 290x190x190) in color and structure. The acoustic block can be included with the vision block in one production to prevent color and structural differences.

Soundblox Type MA Specification

Dimension: (lxwxh) 322x190x187 mm

This type of absorption block is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and for building self-supporting walls. Available without and with filling in different thicknesses for increased absorption performance, depending on the acoustic requirements of the room.

Our Soundblox type N is 320 mm long instead of 390 mm so that the weight stays within the strict Dutch standards of 14 kg. It is therefore lighter, which means that it can be processed more easily, faster and thus cheaper!

Color: Concrete gray. Also available in Argex for even higher absorption performances with the added benefit of a weight reduction of approx. 40%.

Soundblox Type N Specification

Dimension: (1xhxb) 530 x 195 x 120 mm

Soundblox type P has been specially developed as a ceiling solution to integrate absorption in the ceiling instead of in the wall .

The installation is realized by placing on beams of steel or concrete. The advantage is that with a ceiling a larger surface area becomes available to realize a pleasant acoustic climate within the room. This block is often used in large spaces such as factories, etc. Available both without and with filling for even higher absorption. Standard color: Concrete gray.

Soundblox Type P Specification

Dimension: (lxbxh) 387 x 190 x 137

Soundblox type W is a multifunctional acoustic block with high absorption performance for self-supporting walls and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This type is often used as a partition wall and is available without and with filling (in different thicknesses) for even higher sound absorption, depending on the acoustic requirements within a room. Available in Argex for increased absorption performance. An additional advantage is that the weight in Argex is approx. 40% lower. Compare the various absorption performances in the acoustic charts.

This block can also be combined perfectly with (hollow) vision blocks (both in Argex and Beton) in the same dimensions, color and structure to create an aesthetic unity. Can also be combined with (massive) sight blocks in 290 mm length.

Soundblox Type W Specification

acoustic projects


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Factory noise control

Factory Noise Control

SonaSpray K-13, SoundBlox

Create safer working environments with our factory noise control solutions


Dishoom Restaurant, London

SonaSpray fcx

Optimal Dishoom restaurant acoustics achieved with SonaSpray


Le Pain Quotidien Café, London

SonaSpray K-13 Special

SonaSpray K-13 Special for quality café acoustics in Le Pain Quotidien


The Halo Building – No.1 Mabledon Place

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Smooth acoustic plaster finish for reverberation control in receptions without design compromise

what our customers say

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“We were approached by the King Ethelbert School in Kent. They felt the acoustics in their sports hall were not up to their high standards, noise levels and acoustic reverberation were reaching levels that were making it hard to teach effectively. To solve their problem we proposed a combination of SoundBlox and Oscar Acoustics’ SonaSpray K-13 Special. The acoustic masonry building blocks were installed on the lower half on the sports hall’s wall. For the upper section, we applied a green SonaSpray K-13 Special coating. This acoustic solution combination worked perfectly, and the noise levels in their sports hall now remain at an acceptable level at all times.”

King Ethelbert School – Acoustic building block

“Following the recent installation of nearly 3,000m2 of SonaSpray K-13 Special to the corridors, classroom and activity hall ceilings, plus an extra 200m2 of works to the main sports hall at St. Pauls Way Community School, Bouygues UK Ltd would like to thank Oscar Acoustics for their hard work in delivering a high standard of work within our programme, for which speed of installation was critical.

Your site teams should be commended on…”

Chris Stevens, Operations Director, Bouygues UK – SonaSpray K-13 Special

“We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how very impressed and satisfied we are with the SonaSpray installation which yon have recently installed. The noise level has dropped dramatically to beyond our expectations and has also improved the decor of the restaurant tremendously.

The work was completed quickly and with the minimum of fuss and to a professional degree.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the company to potential clients…”

Simon Nissim, Managing Director, Isabella Cafe – SonaSpray

“We are pleased to confirm that we have used SonaSpray to good effect in a large sixth form college dining hall in Leicester.

Previously, the hall with its hard, highly reflective surfaces, was an uncomfortable space with high noise levels and poor speech quality/intelligibility. The Introduction of SonaSpray to the ceiling and certain wall panels has reduced the reverberation times, significantly reducing noise levels and improving speech quality. The nature of the material and its application have enabled us to follow and retain the existing plaster moulded features of the ceiling and walls.”

M. Strangeway, Strangeway Partnership – SonaSpray

“We are really happy with the results in Studio 3 from both an acoustic point of view and aesthetically, it’s exactly what we were looking for. I would also like to say thanks to the guys who were top notch – very courteous and professional and extremely tidy. Great job all round, really appreciate it. ”

Dave Parker, COO, Maidstone Studios – SonaSpray K-13 Black

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