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Oscar Acoustics offers a great range of ceiling soundproofing products that significantly reduce noise transfer between floors. Discover Oscar Iso-Mount today.

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acoustic hangers

Our unique Iso-Mount acoustic hanger design combines space saving with isolating acoustics to provide you with the best possible ceiling soundproofing. Iso-Mounts exceed compliance with Building Regulations Part E & achieved up to a 90 minute fire rating for the tested configuration at BRE.

acoustic projects


20 Water Street

SonaSpray K-13 Special

Safe and Sound: Oscar Acoustics deliver ‘future ready’ office of tomorrow


Arlington Business Park café

SonaSpray K-13

Superb café acoustics achieved with SonaSpray K-13 during Arlington Business Park fit-out


Chisenhale Gallery acoustics

SonaSpray K-13

Stylish gallery acoustics achieved with SonaSpray


Dishoom Restaurant, Manchester

SonaSpray fcx

Dishoom taking their restaurant acoustics seriously with our SonaSpray fcx treatment

what our customers say

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“Once again thank you for your prompt response with processing our order for the additional Iso-Mounts. The owners took us by surprise when they asked for the additional area to be done, but they have been so impressed with the results of all the acoustic ceilings that they felt they just had to have it done.”

Derrick Murphy, D&M Murphy Plastering Contractors – Oscar Iso-Mount Type 1 Soundproof Ceiling

“Soundproof ceiling is complete… I’ve tested it by powering up a loud DeWalt router in the garage and seeing how loud it is in the room above.

WOW. Can hardly hear it… It really was much quieter than I thought it would be. I can finally use the workshop in the evening when the kids are asleep in the room above. I’ll admit not having done it before I was unsure if it would deaden the noise enough for power tools…but I am blown away by how well it works. Thanks again for your help – much appreciated.”

James Burrows, Home DIY installer – Oscar Iso-Mount Type 2

“The whole transaction has been simple and easy. I fitted the ceiling this weekend and it’s made an instant difference. So much so, that I had to ask the owner of the flat above if he had been using the room above.

I will recommend the product to my friends and will use it on other ceilings in my flat. Keep up the good work.”

Jim Hood, Home DIY installer, Oscar Iso-Mount Type 1 Soundproof Ceiling

“I did not fully appreciate at the time, but the use of Iso-Mount with industry standard metal channel was a huge bonus and cost saver. Also, we did not appreciate how much time and money we saved using the adjustable Iso-Mounts to level the uneven joists. Now installed the ceiling is superb and flat as a pancake. In terms of acoustic isolation the system is superb and overall I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. The Iso-Mount system is a brilliant way to isolate noise between floors. I recommend it very highly.”

Richard Bowler – Oscar Iso-Mount Type 1 Soundproofing Basement Flat

“I did not fully appreciate at the time, but the use of Iso-Mount with an industry standard metal channel was a huge bonus and cost saver. We have saved a great deal of time and money using the adjustable Iso-Mounts to level the uneven joists.”

Richard Bowler – Oscar Iso-Mount Type1 Soundproof Ceiling

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