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Oscar Iso-Mount Type2

soundproof ceiling hangers for timber & concrete. Ideal for soundproofing ceilings in flats, homes, offices, classrooms and more environments.


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soundproofing ceilings with Iso-Mount Type2

By soundproofing ceilings with Iso-Mount Type2, you can significantly reduce the amount of sound that travels through your building’s ceilings and floors. The unwanted sounds are typically created by footsteps, voices or music from the floors above. Without quality soundproofing, generated vibrations and sound pressure waves can make living and working spaces uncomfortable and stressful.

Our Iso-Mount Type2 systems create an isolated ‘floating’ ceiling that will stop the sound vibrations that cause the transfer of unwanted noise from floor to floor, soundproofing your existing ceiling with ease.

the advantages of soundproofing your existing ceiling

  • Significantly improves the soundproofing of existing ceilings: impact and airborne sound reduction.
  • Fixes under existing concrete and timber joist ceilings with minimum fixings.
  • All work is done from the room below.
  • Proven soundproofing performance.
  • Exceeds British Building Regs Document E for airborne and impact sound.
  • Just 1 hole to drill per mount; saves hours when drilling concrete.

Iso-Mount Type2
technical specifications

You can use our Iso-Mount Type2 soundproofing system in many buildings and rooms, including; new builds, shops, restaurants, homes, flats apartments and much more! Contact us to learn how our Iso-Mount systems can soundproof your ceilings.

If you’re installing our Iso-Mount Type2 system, use our installation guides for full instructions on how to soundproof your existing ceilings.

Option 1 – Fixing directly through plasterboard into timber joists without removing the old ceiling. Creates a new isolated ceiling with a 50mm deep void for additional insulation.

Option 2
– Fixing directly through existing plasterboard into timber joists without removing the old ceiling, using an extended acoustic hanger assembly.

Option 3 – Fixing directly onto a concrete ceiling. Creates a new isolated ceiling with a 50mm deep void for additional insulation.

Option 4
– Fixing directly on to concrete using the Concrete Hanger Extension fixed to the concrete. Creates a new isolated ceiling with a larger variable void for additional insulation and services.

The Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling systems can be installed by a competent DIY person, builders and in some areas of the UK, we can recommend installers.

Please contact us to enquire about your local Oscar approved installer or to apply to become an Oscar approved installer.

impact and airborne sound reduction

impact sound reduction

The rubber block breaks the path of vibration, reducing the sound of footsteps etc.

airborne sound reduction

The additional acoustic insulation reduces the sound of voices, music, TV etc. This means that our Iso-Mount Type2 is a great solution for soundproofing ceilings in flats.

Screw direct to concrete using just 1 concrete screw per hanger, or into plasterboard using 1 screw fixing into the timber joist per acoustic hanger.

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Delivery available throughout the UK. For outside the UK, please contact us for details.

We supply:

The Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling range uses a GL1 ‘C’ channel and GL3 connectors/steel channels, which are widely available from many well known UK manufacturers. Oscar Acoustics do not stock steel channels, so you can save money by purchasing your required amount directly from manufacturers. We found it online for as little as £0.88 per metre.

Other components are purchased from your local stockist.

what our customers say

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“Soundproof ceiling is complete… I’ve tested it by powering up a loud DeWalt router in the garage and seeing how loud it is in the room above.

WOW. Can hardly hear it… It really was much quieter than I thought it would be. I can finally use the workshop in the evening when the kids are asleep in the room above. I’ll admit not having done it before I was unsure if it would deaden the noise enough for power tools…but I am blown away by how well it works. Thanks again for your help – much appreciated.”

James Burrows, Home DIY installer – Oscar Iso-Mount Type 2

“I did not fully appreciate at the time, but the use of Iso-Mount with industry standard metal channel was a huge bonus and cost saver. Also, we did not appreciate how much time and money we saved using the adjustable Iso-Mounts to level the uneven joists. Now installed the ceiling is superb and flat as a pancake. In terms of acoustic isolation the system is superb and overall I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. The Iso-Mount system is a brilliant way to isolate noise between floors. I recommend it very highly.”

Richard Bowler – Oscar Iso-Mount Type 1 Soundproofing Basement Flat

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