Oscar Elite used throughout ROVI restaurant – Photo credit to Adam Luszniak.

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster

exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster finish

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Oscar Elite used throughout ROVI restaurant – Photo credit to Adam Luszniak.

seamless acoustic spray plaster finish

A visually appealing interior with simple surfaces such as wooden or stone floors and plain flat walls may not be the most pleasurable place to spend time due to poor acoustics. This same visual impact combined with a calm acoustic ambience is made possible with Oscar Elite. The exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster is spray applied to create a seamless, acoustic ceiling with optimal reverberation control.

Unlike traditional plaster, Oscar Elite absorbs sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation times and overall noise levels within a space, giving all important clarity to speech and music.

acoustic plaster features and benefits

  • A2-s1,d0 & Class 0 fire rated to BS476. Fire reports available on request.
  • Achieves M1 certification for Building Materials emissions.
  • Increases productivity by creating a calm and pleasant acoustic environment.
  • Can be directly applied to most substrates such as wood, gyproc board, steel sheet, smooth concrete and more.
  • Suitable for flat, domed and vaulted soffits.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Easy to maintain through vacuuming or dusting.
  • Available in two surface finishes in a variety of colours.
  • The standard white finish provides a light reflectivity of 94%.
  • Acoustic plaster installations are applied at 25mm thick; the area is dependent on the acoustical requirements of the project. An air gap is introduced to achieve high absorption at low frequencies.
  • Can be over-sprayed in a different colour if required.
  • Oscar Elite is approved by English Heritage.

Oscar Elite
technical specifications

The 27mm construction consists of 2mm adhesive, 20mm thick mineral board, base and top coat Oscar Elite synthetic acoustic plaster totalling approximately 5mm, which is sprayed, trowelled and worked to optical requirements. The finish is visually hard and firm to the touch but with excellent sound absorption. As with all acoustic plaster, installations should be suitably protected in areas where damage is likely.

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster is installed by our own in house, trained staff in order to guarantee optimal workmanship.

UK fire test
Class 0 to BS476 Part 6
Class l to BS476 Part 7


Significantly betters the requirements of the new Approved Document B providing little to no smoke and absolutely no droplets, assisting in the safe escape of occupants.

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  • Achieves M1 certification for Building Materials emissions.
  • Recycled content: Glasswool: 75%.
  • Recyclability: Disposal in accordance with local recycling/disposal rules.
  • Embodied carbon: Can effectively lower the carbon footprint of building project by sequestering rich stores of carbon for the life of the structure or application.

Oscar Elite can be applied onto plasterboard or directly onto concrete. Adhesion to other surfaces is possible; please contact Oscar Acoustics for advice. Domes & barrel vaults are not a problem due to the products ability to be sanded into smooth shapes.

  • BIM Objects available.
  • Included within all NBS software.
  • Standard details drawings for most situations.
  • Bespoke detailing solutions possible.
  • Recessed & surface mounted items possible.

Dust is removed by lightly brushing or vacuuming with a soft brush head. It is also sometimes possible to blow dirt from the surface with a high pressure air hose. A wall or a ceiling can be entirely over sprayed in acoustic plaster in the same or a change of colour. Over painting must be done by spraying and not roller to prevent serious impact on the acoustic performance and damage to the product. Advice must be sought from Oscar Acoustics before painting as incorrect application can result in damage of the product.

A major benefit of Oscar Elite is its ability in most cases, to be locally repaired within reason, negating the need for expensive and inconvenient pre-handover resprays, as with many products similar in appearance. For more serious damage, it is possible for us to lightly sand and reapply the top coat.

Recessed services e.g. spot lighting will require a halo spacer to match the material depth. Oscar Acoustics manufacture and install stainless steel halo spacers (drawing available) to the same size as the hole cut out. Stop beads may be required around openings which again we can supply and install. Specially designed access hatches are also available through Profab, enabling the Oscar Elite to continue across the hatch door. Problems can arise from using other hatches. These items are at extra cost and are to be purchased direct from the Profab. Please contact Oscar Acoustics for details and item code. Surface mounted fittings e.g. hanging/pendant lights will require pattresses to match the material depth. Please contact Oscar Acoustics for further advice.

Please Note: 90% of flangeless fittings do not work properly with any acoustic finish. If you are specifying a flangeless fitting, please contact Oscar Acoustics for advice.

Our technical department offer free advice and acoustic calculations on the use of our products.


Acoustic plaster test DATA certified by TNO Technology University Delft NL. Acoustic testing has been carried out against solid concrete. Increased performance can be achieved when applying onto plasterboard with an air gap.

The standard colour is arctic white. For bespoke colours, please send us your colour requirement using a Dulux paint reference or RAL. If over painting, please contact Oscar Acoustics for instructions first.

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A window ledge with two stripey cushions and a teapot on it, there are many trees outside.

fire rated acoustic plaster

All our products significantly better the new fire requirement required under the updated Approved Document B.

Its Class 0 to BS476 & A2-s1,d0 fire rating provide significant benefits over the new Approved Document B requirements by providing little to no smoke and absolutely no droplets, assisting in the safe escape of occupants.

Note: Always insist on obtaining a copy of the fire test report before using a product.

acoustic spray plaster on grand designs

Architects and interior designers who incorporate Oscar Elite into their designs can achieve spatial design with minimal hard, smooth surfaces without compromising the acoustic ambience. This was the case with the Holland Park Grand Designs house in London series 7 episode 16 (pictured right).

During refurbishment, acoustic spray plaster was applied to the ceiling and inside the light well, resulting in superb acoustics without compromising the beautiful, flat and smooth surfaces. Oscar Elite was selected for its super smooth, seamless finish and exceptional sound absorbing properties.

acoustic plaster projects


Four Seasons Hotel, London

Oscar Elite

Oscar Elite ensures a soothing acoustic vibe in Four Seasons, 10 Trinity Square, London.


The Halo Building – No.1 Mabledon Place

Oscar Elite

Smooth acoustic plaster finish for reverberation control in receptions without design compromise


111 Buckingham Palace Road

Oscar Elite

Exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster finish for simplistic & minimal designs


Tish Restaurant

Oscar Elite

Exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster for noise control in restaurants without design compromise


Rovi Restaurant

Oscar Elite

Ottolenghi takes noise off the menu with Oscar Elite acoustic plaster


Grand Designs – Oscar Elite

Oscar Elite


45 Jermyn St

Oscar Elite

Exquisite noise control for restaurants with Oscar Elite plaster smooth acoustic finish


NOPI Restaurant

Oscar Elite

Stylish restaurant acoustics in Nopi with Oscar Elite


Holborn Dining Room acoustics

Oscar Elite

Noise control for restaurants with Oscar Elite smooth acoustic plaster

what our customers say

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“Yotam Ottolenghi used Oscar Acoustics to render shiny surfaces softly spoken.

Oscar Acoustics are very proud to have been mentioned in the Evening Standard, for the superb acoustic result achieved in the beautiful restaurant NOPI by using our exceptionally smooth Oscar Elite acoustic plaster. Fay continues…

It’s time to talk about noise in restaurants… I don’t always – just sometimes – harp on about the unpleasantness of sound ricocheting off unforgiving surfaces, thumping music shivering your timbers and having to give up on the idea of conversation with dinner. Hiring an acoustic engineer when a new restaurant is planned is an expensive move but two of the most successful operators I know make it top of their list of priorities.”

Fays Favourites, Evening Standard – Oscar Elite Acoustic Plaster

“There has been positive feedback from the day users of the Clore Centre and the receptionist has clearly noticed a reduction in the reverberation of noise within the space. The best comment we have received to date is, ‘it doesn’t look any different’ and that is precisely what we set out to achieve.

We are very pleased with the finished product and would like to thank you, your management team and Mark and John (installers) for enabling us to meet our objective.”

Rob Umney, Clore Learning Centre, Hampton Court Palace

“Saved us money
Saved time
Extremely helpful
Very proactive and great at problem solving
Gave us some good ideas
Issued samples and went out of their way for us…”

John Coyle, Operations Director, Overbury – Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors

“Oscar Elite is the perfect acoustic product: effective and completely invisible; it delivers the perfect customer experience.”

Noam Bar, Ottolenghi

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