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our SonaSpray range of recycled, fire-rated, decorative acoustic sprays enable designers to create calm and inviting spaces that sound as good as they look.

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SonaSpray fcx acoustic spray used throughout HIDE restaurant – Credit to Andrew Meredith Photography.

benefits of acoustic spraying

There are various benefits of acoustic spraying, including:

Fast application

Reduces noise reverberation

Can be applied to most substrates

Seamless spray finish follows the lines of whatever is underneath

Made of fire-treated, recycled paper and other rapidly renewable natural resources

Contributes towards BREEAM, SKA, Living Building Challenge and LEED

Achieves M1 certification as Low Emitting Building Material, GreenGuard Gold, Cradle to Cradle and contributes towards satisfying many features under the WELL Building Standard

Ease to maintain

Improves energy consumption

Doesn’t hinder design

Available in a variety of colours


Office acoustics, if left unchecked, can be detrimental to staff welfare and productivity, with over half of those surveyed reporting that their offices were too noisy.

Download our whitepaper today to discover how you can enhance acoustics and raise productivity in the workplace.

acoustic spray maintenance

Maintaining acoustic sprays is really easy. We recommend using a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner, as this will prevent any damage to the walls or ceilings you are maintaining.

acoustic spray projects


20 Farringdon Street

SonaSpray K-13

Stylish reverberation control within offices and receptions


London workspace for Global NGO

SonaSpray K-13

SonaSpray achieves excellent office acoustics in inclusive London workspace


Hide restaurant

SonaSpray fcx

Seamless acoustic decorative finishes for the control of noise reverberation in restaurants



SonaSpray K-13

SonaSpray for reverberation control in offices and breakout areas


Islington Customer Centre

SonaSpray K-13 Special

SonaSpray K-13 Special specified for its attractive, seamless acoustic finish to control reverberation throughout reception & offices.


Notting Hill Prep School

SonaSpray K-13

SonaSpray K-13 in Nottingham Hill Prep school

what our customers say

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“Having used SonaSpray on several other projects, we knew how effective it was at reducing office noise. It’s quickly become our go-to product and our clients are always happy to follow our recommendations due to the huge difference it makes, both in open-plan areas and cellular spaces.

Having used a competitor product recently, we noticed a drop in standard and only SonaSpray delivers both in terms of aesthetics and sound management. The finish on the project was exceptional and hides any imperfections, making it as visually strong as it is at reducing noise.”

Mariachiara Dal Pozzo, Associate Director, TP Bennett

“Further to the work carried out by your company at the above school, I would like to say that during a recent follow up visit to the school, the performance of the acoustic spray has proved to be wholly successful. The teaching staff are very happy as they now have a satisfactory environment in which to teach.

Further tests have been carried out by Exeter University and they have confirmed that reverberation times are now…”

Brian L Hardman, Senior Clerk of works (Project Manager), Building Design Group, Cornwall County Council – SonaSpray

“Just a quick note to express my sincere thanks on behalf of the Claygate Guide Group to each of you for the part you played in getting our acoustics issues resolved so successfully.

I would also like to express very many thanks to your work-crew, who were quite superb in realising our ambition. They worked very hard throughout the two days, and were always very friendly and considerate.”

David Saunders, Chairman, Foxwarren Hall Management Committee, Claygate Guides – SonaSpray

“Everyone loves the SonaSpray finish! Second to the exterior thatch, it is the most asked about and photographed material in the building.

During our regular tours, people are always asking what it is and what it is for. They love that fact that it has a purpose and is on show so they can see how the building works.”

Fergus Rolfe, Team Manager, The Enterprise Centre, UEA – SonaSpray

“The architect’s solution of fitting high level ‘sound absorbing’ panels produced a negligible improvement. We continued to ‘battle’ with intolerable ‘echo’ making the room unfit for its-purpose.

Following an independent sound monitoring exercise an alternative acoustic dampening application was recommended. Sonaspray was selected. My caretaking staff were greatly impressed by the attention to detail paid by your engineers in the installation procedure. Every surface was carefully covered and the procedure was very professionally completed.

The effect of the application has been tremendous! The hall is a different room and PE, assemblies and lunch-times have become pleasurable occasions compared to the sonic battleground we experienced previously.”

Headteacher, Meadowside School, Gloucester – SonaSpray

“We had been running out of ideas on how to improve noise levels due to reverberation off our high ceilings during our busy monthly Dementia Café, when someone recommended Oscar Acoustics. Ben and his team responded quickly and recommended an application of their SonaSpray product. The installation was quick, just a couple of days, and the team were professional, friendly and cleaned up after themselves really well.

The difference was noticed immediately and at the next Dementia Café we didn’t have any patients complain about noise levels, meaning that more patients and carers were able to access support and advice.

Thank you so much to Oscar Acoustics for your support, as you can see your work has meant that this space is now much more accessible and user friendly for people with Dementia and we can continue to ensure our service supports as many people as possible.”

Heart of Kent Hospice – SonaSpray

“It really has made a difference & noticeably so, especially when the band are cranked up. There was no vague noise swimming around & a much tighter definition to everything vocally. I think we need to do some work with our sound guys on the mix now!

After some initial testing on Thursday results were roughly 20% better than expected with the problem 250Hz RT60 dropping from 5.1 to…”

John Fagg, Idium Technology, Jubilee Community Centre, East Grinstead – SonaSpray

“We are pleased to confirm that we have used SonaSpray to good effect in a large sixth form college dining hall in Leicester.

Previously, the hall with its hard, highly reflective surfaces, was an uncomfortable space with high noise levels and poor speech quality/intelligibility. The Introduction of SonaSpray to the ceiling and certain wall panels has reduced the reverberation times, significantly reducing noise levels and improving speech quality. The nature of the material and its application have enabled us to follow and retain the existing plaster moulded features of the ceiling and walls.”

M. Strangeway, Strangeway Partnership – SonaSpray

“Acoustic Improvements – Dining Hall for Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth 1 College

With reference to the works carried out by yourselves at the above College we would have no hesitation in commending Mr. **** ***** your spray team leader.

He managed the project on site in a good workmanlike manner liaising with the client and others on site, to safely complete a well finished project.”

M. Strangeway, Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth 1 College Dining Hall Acoustics – SonaSpray

“We used the above company to improve the acoustics in our school hall. We found their workers to be reliable, neat and tidy in their work and the product used very effective.

Our hall is now a pleasure to be in and this company comes highly recommended.”

Mrs Lenna Rosenberg, Head Teacher, Clore Tikva School – SonaSpray

“Following the recent installation of Sonaspray to the ceiling at Rickling School, we are delighted with the finished product and the performance that it provides.

The client is also more than happy and they are now putting their new hall to good use…”

Phil Edmonds, Project Manager, Advanced Timber Technology – SonaSpray

“My thanks for the work carried out in our hall. The result is excellent and we now have a valuable facility which can be used to its full potential for all types of lessons and productions. We no longer have to strain our ears to pick up children’s voices and conversely they can clearly hear us.”

Paul Sparkes, Headteacher, Fawkham Primary School – SonaSpray

“We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how very impressed and satisfied we are with the SonaSpray installation which yon have recently installed. The noise level has dropped dramatically to beyond our expectations and has also improved the decor of the restaurant tremendously.

The work was completed quickly and with the minimum of fuss and to a professional degree.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the company to potential clients…”

Simon Nissim, Managing Director, Isabella Cafe – SonaSpray

“Simply Awesome! It’s created a totally different dining environment. Speech and music are clear and all background clutter noise has gone. The restaurant feels comfortable and somehow warmer and cosier.”

Tim Yeo, Black Tiles Restaurant Owner – SonaSpray

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