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SonaSpray K-13 Special specified for its attractive, seamless acoustic finish to control reverberation throughout reception & offices.



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Credit to Studio TILT & Jill Tate photography.

about this project

Working in collaboration with Islington Council, Studio TILT delivered a Customer Service Centre which incorporates a shared vision from employees and customers, in one central London location. This contemporary workspace has created a far more engaging environment for staff and visitors alike increasing productivity, effectiveness and wellbeing while also reducing annual costs for the company.

Credit to Studio TILT & Jill Tate photography.

The brief for Studio TILT was to design and deliver an efficient workspace to increase return on investment, improve service delivery and transform the comfort of both staff and customers. Good workplace design is an essential component when it comes to maximising employee wellbeing, health and productivity and the impact of noise within the space must be taken seriously for it to be a success. SonaSpray K-13 Special was specified by Studio TILT for its attractive, seamless acoustic spray finish to control reverberation throughout the reception areas and offices.

One of our specialist acoustic spray teams applied the acoustic spray to 900m2 of concrete slab achieving excellent office acoustics and increasing ceiling height over the original ceiling grid system.

Whether it’s for a fit-out, refurbishment or new build, taking workplace acoustics seriously and removing distractions caused by excess noise will ensure these work spaces sound just as good as they look with a calm and inviting atmosphere.

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