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SonaSpray is any class you need it to be as we can adjust acoustic performance by increasing and decreasing the material depth to suit the acoustic requirement and budget.

On the most part, when a Class A absorber is requested, it is not actually needed due to a number of factors. Sometimes clients have been told to apply a Class A to 80% of the soffit. In applying the SonaSpray to 100% of the soffit, it not only looks better but it reduces the material depth required to the equivalent of a Class B or C.

As our test data is worst case onto concrete slab, the actual substrate can also have a huge impact. If spraying onto a flat hollow rib deck, you are gaining a huge amount of material depth over the ribs which increases low frequency performance and thus the Class. Likewise, if you are spraying onto something like a D60 profile steel sheet, the surface area is increased. Not only this but on the diagonal slopes of the profile, the material is a lot deeper when the sound is hitting it vertically. This means that we are able to dramatically reduce the material depth to save a huge amount of time and material which allows us to make the system even more economical for our clients.

Soundproofing is to stop sound passing through or out of something. This is what we use our Oscar Iso-Mount range for as it creates an isolated barrier to stop sound being transmitted through ceilings.

Reverberation is the issue we discuss when talking about noisy and unclear spaces. Reverberation is effectively echo. Sound bouncing around a room that is not absorbed takes far longer to dissipate. If each new word is taking 5 seconds to disappear and another new word is being said every half second, it turns the room into a sonic battleground. The natural reaction is to talk louder to be heard but this just makes the problem worse.

Our acoustic finishes for reverberation control such as our SonaSpray or Oscar Elite, absorb the sound as it hits it, preventing it from bouncing back into the path of the occupants. This reduces overall noise levels and gives clarity to speech and music thus creating a much calmer environment for inhabitants.

There are several different ways of soundproofing a ceiling, with each option having positives and negatives depending on the situation. Here at Oscar Acoustics we provide the below class leading soundproofing products & systems.

Oscar Iso-mount Type1 is a space saving soundproofing isolation mount for floating soundproofing ceilings. With this system you lose as little as 6mm ceiling height, which is significantly less than other ceiling products. This soundproof ceiling exceeds Building Regs Part E & achieved up to a 90 minute fire rating.

Oscar Iso-Mount Type2 for the soundproofing of concrete or timber ceilings the Iso-Mount Type2 significantly expands the versatility of our Oscar Iso-Mount range of isolating acoustic hangers for soundproofing ceilings. It can fix without disruption under existing ceilings, directly or with extensions for 50mm to over 1 metre voids for acoustic/thermal insulation and services.

Celbar Recycled Acoustic Cavity Insulation is recycled, environmentally friendly acoustic and thermal cavity fill insulation/void fill insulation made from paper based materials treated for fire retardancy. Tests have shown that when packed together, this natural cellulose insulation material is acoustically and thermally more effective than man-made mineral wool. Used as a cavity filler in walls or between floors either in conventional rigid construction or with isolated systems e.g. combined with one of our Oscar Iso-Mounts range for ultimate soundproofing performance.

Acoustic Sealant is our Oscar-Seal high performance Acoustic Intumescent Sealant. It’s ideal for use with our other soundproofing systems, such as the Oscar Iso-Mount System.

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We have a step by step guide on how to set up your ceiling soundproofing solution or you can watch our handy YouTube video installation guides:

Watch Iso-Mount Type1 installation guide

Watch Iso-Mount Type2 installation guide

The Oscar Iso-Mount soundproofing ceiling range has the following advantages and more:

  • Class leading acoustic performance
  • Achieves (better than), compliance with British building regs Document E for airborne & impact sound
  • Uses a standard clip-on steel channel that is widely available from several manufacturers
  • Faster and easier than installing products on the floor of the room above
  • Once complete appears no different to a standard plastered ceiling
  • Simple and fast clip together installation

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