Oscar Evo-Blade

knife-edge plasterboard trim for elegant acoustic & conventional plaster ceilings.


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Oscar Evo-Blade throughout high-end London fashion store. Image credit to Tom D Photography.

create elegant infinity-edge ceilings with Oscar Evo-Blade

Discover the secret to elegant plaster ceilings with dramatic shifts in height, sharp recessed lighting channels, perfect corners and a seamless, slimline finish. Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, the patented Oscar Evo-Blade was developed by Oscar Acoustics to overcome many of the problems commonly associated with other knife-edge trims, such as cracking and air filtration.

The Oscar Evo-Blade plasterboard trim was created following a meeting where an architect and contractor had specified a razor edge trim for use in a standard plaster and acoustic plaster ceiling. The dry lining company said it would crack their plaster, and we knew the cracking and air filtration issues it would cause to any acoustic plaster.

The Evo-Blade infinity knife-edge trim is designed to prevent these problems by uniquely enabling the installer to position the plasterboard in different places to accommodate different depth finishes. Unlike typical razor edge trims where cracks can develop in the skim layer of plaster or bands of discolouration caused by sudden depth changes between trim and acoustic plaster, the Evo-Blade allows plasterboard to run right up to the ceiling edge. This avoids both of these problems and ensures a smooth and flawless finish every time.

Oscar Evo-Blade throughout high-end London fashion store. Image credit to Tom D Photography.

no more cracks or discolouration with knife-edge trim

Oscar Evo-Blade is a patented knife-edge plasterboard trim that prevents mid-ceiling or wall cracks and discolouration. It allows for dramatic transitions between ceiling heights, elegant recessed lighting channels, perfect corners and a seamless slimline finish.

plasterboard trim for conventional and acoustic plasters

All acoustic finishes are inherently air porous due to the fact they need to absorb sound. This means that when a room’s air pressure increases due to a door or window opening/closing, a gust of wind through an open aperture or a ventilation system starting up, air will be forced into an acoustic product, which over time will filter out any dust in the air.

This is not normally a problem, but when most of the acoustic ceiling is, for example – 27mm thick and the part over the razor trim is only 2mm thick, the air movement rates will be different, meaning one will change colour compared to the other over time. It’s worth noting that this can take years, but in extreme cases it can take weeks.

An incredibly versatile solution, the Evo-Blade plasterboard trim works with a variety of configurations, from regular to acoustic plaster like Oscar Elite and acoustic sprays like SonaSpray.

A window ledge with two stripey cushions and a teapot on it, there are many trees outside.

wafer thin effect

The Evo-Blade is designed to give bulky ceilings an elegant, wafer thin effect and can be used to create sharp, recessed lighting channels. Gone are the days of having a thick vertical multi-layer ceiling edge.

Oscar Evo-Blade benefits

  • Does not crack or discolour ceilings like other profiles.
  • Works with both acoustic and non-acoustic products for a long-lasting finish.
  • A shallower angle means it is hidden from further back, creating an infinity edge illusion.
  • Doesn’t restrict the designer to use of a particular lighting system.

Oscar Evo-Blade
technical specifications

Made from precision machined aluminum.

The Evo-Blade comes in 2 metre lengths which are easy to cut down, simple to mitre and can slot together using steel shims on straight runs or corners. Perfect for public spaces, high end homes and luxury commercial settings.

Evo-Blade can also be referred to as: knife edge trim, razor edge trim, razor edge profile, plasterboard edge profile, plasterboard edge blade, plasterboard blade trim, plasterboard arrow trim, floating ceiling edge profile, floating ceiling edge blade, floating ceiling blade trim, floating ceiling arrow trim, infinity edge profile, infinity edge trim.



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