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superb acoustic thermal insulation

Sonatherm is a seamless, acoustic thermal insulation system for basement car parks, cantilever buildings, balconies, soffits of walkways and underpasses. Sonatherm acoustic thermal insulation consists of foil-faced mineral wool slabs over-sprayed with a choice of SonaSpray acoustic spray finishes (see separate SonaSpray fc, SonaSpray K-13 special and SonaSpray K-13 standard products for details) to achieve a fire rating and aesthetic appearance.

By varying the thickness of the mineral wool slabs all permutations of acoustic thermal insulation are achieved. The layer of SonaSpray also means that any sound is absorbed rather than being reflected, considerably reducing reverberation times and therefore reducing overall noise levels within the space.

A window ledge with two stripey cushions and a teapot on it, there are many trees outside.

recyclable, low embodied energy & good for the environment

Sonatherm is perfect for thermal acoustic sound insulation. Reconstruction of a building may necessitate removal of the SonaSpray and EPS components of Sonatherm. The SonaSpray component can be recycled or disposed of as a non-special waste to landfill.

features and benefits of Sonatherm acoustic thermal insulation

  • Suitable for thermal acoustic sound insulation. Reconstruction of a building may necessitate the removal of the SonaSpray and mineral wool slabs components of Sonatherm. The SonaSpray component can be recycled or disposed of as a non-special waste to landfill.
  • Sonatherm acoustic thermal insulation is Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document E compliant.
  • Thermal insulation with reverberation noise reduction.
  • Spray applied, one coat, decorative, thermal insulation finish with foil-faced mineral wool slabs substrate.
  • Seamless monolithic ceiling.

technical specifications

  • Acoustic thermal insulation suitable for application to most surfaces or constructions and is suitable for basement car parks, cantilever buildings and balconies.
  • The acoustic thermal insulation system can also be used for the soffits of walkways, underpasses and balconies.
  • In any area where it is protected from direct rain.

Acoustic thermal insulation spray application by Oscar Acoustics trained in-house teams. Mineral wool boards installed by others.

*Applies for the SonaSpray element only*

B-s1,d0 & Class 0 to BS476 – significantly betters the requirements of the new Approved Document B providing little to no smoke and absolutely no droplets, assisting in the safe escape of occupants.

Various decorative and seamless sprayed coating.


Excellent acoustics achieved without design compromise.

Cellulose fibres, fully recycled, low embodied energy, low C02. Can effectively lower the carbon footprint of a building project by sequestering rich stores of carbon for the life of the structure or application.

*Applies for the SonaSpray element only*

  • M1 emission class certified for building materials (best class).
  • Compliant with CDPH/CA Section 01350.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified for Indoor Air Quality.
  • BREEAM rating system HEA Indoor Air Quality.
  • WELL Building Standard®.

*Applies for the SonaSpray element only*

  • Environmental Product Declaration in accordance with ISO 14025 – EN 15804.
  • Living Building Challenge compliant.
  • LEED.
  • SKA.

Local repairs of small areas are performed by hand. A wall or a ceiling can be entirely over sprayed in the same or a different colour. It is also possible to spray with a water based paint – please contact our Oscar Acoustics technical department for further details.

Dust can be removed by blowing with an air pressure gun or by vacuuming with a soft brush attachment.

Sonatherm 70/20 – construction – Thermal Acoustic Insulation – Typical Calculation.


Typical “R” Values
Internal surface0.14
50mm screed0.03
150mm concrete slab0.10
External Surface0.04
U=3.23 W/m2kR=0.31
70mm EPS 20 SE1.94
20mm Sonaspray0.62
U=0.35 W/m2kR=2.87

There is a choice of finish for the sprayed-on Sonatherm layer:

SonaSpray K-13 special is available as standard in colours: Light grey, beige, off white and black (blues and greens often available as standard).
Sonaspray fc is available in white as standard.
Almost any colour is possible if the size of the project warrants this option.

other acoustic thermal insulation applications

Sonatherm thermal acoustic insulation can also be used for the soffits of walkways, underpasses and balconies. In any area where it is protected from direct rain, architects can employ the insulating and acoustic properties of Sonatherm to the full.

acoustic projects


Islington Customer Centre

SonaSpray K-13 Special

SonaSpray K-13 Special specified for its attractive, seamless acoustic finish to control reverberation throughout reception & offices.


Brockholes Wetlands Centre

SonaSpray K-13 Special

Decorative acoustic spray for superb café acoustics


Le Pain Quotidien Café, London

SonaSpray K-13 Special

SonaSpray K-13 Special for quality café acoustics in Le Pain Quotidien


10 Bloomsbury Way

Oscar Elite

An exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster finish ideal for quality reception acoustics


20 Water Street

SonaSpray K-13 Special

Safe and Sound: Oscar Acoustics deliver ‘future ready’ office of tomorrow

Sport & Leisure

Auriens, Chelsea

Oscar Elite

Luxury swimming pool acoustics without design compromise


Dishoom Restaurant, Manchester

SonaSpray fcx

Dishoom taking their restaurant acoustics seriously with our SonaSpray fcx treatment


Holborn Dining Room acoustics

Oscar Elite

Noise control for restaurants with Oscar Elite smooth acoustic plaster

what our customers say

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“I’d just like to convey my utter delight and relief at being able to use the new large hall. It was literally visible this evening, how our Beaver Scouts calmed as they moved from the small hall to the larger, more peaceful room. Thanks to you we had one of our best ever indoor activities. It was calm, fun and enjoyable for all. Thank you so much, I am only vaguely aware how much work you have put into this project, and want to make sure you know how much we appreciate it.

Well worth the money!”

The Beaver Scout Team and Wye Village Hall committee

“I am writing to congratulate your company for the success achieved in the reduction of the noise level in our school dining room when 200+ children are having their lunch.

Prior to the application of SonaSpray, the noise level was deafening, and now it is possible to talk to ones neighbour in a normal voice when lunching at the staff table…”

D.K.Emmett, Bursar, Fulham Prep School – SonaSpray fcx

“Magical stuff! Well worth it – a huge improvement to one of our high ceilinged classrooms. The feedback is that there is a massive difference and it is definitely a more productive acoustic environment for the children and staff.

Thank you very much for improving things for us.”

Abigail Hercules, Bursar, Dallington School

“Once again thank you for your prompt response with processing our order for the additional Iso-Mounts. The owners took us by surprise when they asked for the additional area to be done, but they have been so impressed with the results of all the acoustic ceilings that they felt they just had to have it done.”

Derrick Murphy, D&M Murphy Plastering Contractors – Oscar Iso-Mount Type 1 Soundproof Ceiling

“The architect’s solution of fitting high level ‘sound absorbing’ panels produced a negligible improvement. We continued to ‘battle’ with intolerable ‘echo’ making the room unfit for its-purpose.

Following an independent sound monitoring exercise an alternative acoustic dampening application was recommended. Sonaspray was selected. My caretaking staff were greatly impressed by the attention to detail paid by your engineers in the installation procedure. Every surface was carefully covered and the procedure was very professionally completed.

The effect of the application has been tremendous! The hall is a different room and PE, assemblies and lunch-times have become pleasurable occasions compared to the sonic battleground we experienced previously.”

Headteacher, Meadowside School, Gloucester – SonaSpray

“We are pleased to confirm that we have used SonaSpray to good effect in a large sixth form college dining hall in Leicester.

Previously, the hall with its hard, highly reflective surfaces, was an uncomfortable space with high noise levels and poor speech quality/intelligibility. The Introduction of SonaSpray to the ceiling and certain wall panels has reduced the reverberation times, significantly reducing noise levels and improving speech quality. The nature of the material and its application have enabled us to follow and retain the existing plaster moulded features of the ceiling and walls.”

M. Strangeway, Strangeway Partnership – SonaSpray

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