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are businesses supplying the correct office acoustics for their workplace?

Just as businesses seek to lure workers back into the office, the growing demand for premium offices is set to induce a workplace ‘flight to quality’ in the second half of 2023 – so what do office building owners need to do to make sure they’re not left with an unoccupied workspace?

Incoming environmental regulations and growing concerns around staff welfare, particularly when it comes to office acoustics, are creating a ‘redevelop or die’ landscape for office owners. Our new whitepaper, ‘Office Noise: The Nation’s Productivity Pitfall’, examines shifting expectations of what a workplace should offer, why so many fall short and how office specifiers can remedy this.

Our research uncovered several findings that should offer cause for concern for office planners, including:

  • 52% of employees find it difficult to concentrate at their workplace.
  • 74% of workers believe they work more effectively at home than they do in the office.
  • 78% of hybrid workers would be willing to come in more often if workspaces offered the right experience.

We take a look at some of the solutions on offer to help building owners get ahead of emerging trends and create work environments that facilitate productivity, employee wellbeing and sustainability.

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