enhancing fan enjoyment through arena and stadium acoustics

Sound and atmosphere can make or break a live experience at a stadium or arena.

The roar of fans in the stadium can shape the direction and emotions of a game, or elevate a really good gig into an epic one. When stadium acoustics are done well, an atmosphere can build that enhances the experience for everyone.

But good acoustics don’t just happen. Within stadiums and arenas, it takes a significant amount of consideration and planning – even the slightest oversight at the design stage can lead to an underwhelming crowd experience, or alternatively create a confusing, and even dangerous, level of noise.

So, what are some of the challenges faced by stadium acoustics designers? And what steps can be taken to guarantee quality stadium acoustics? Read on to find out more in this detailed guide.

the importance of good stadium and arena acoustics

It goes without saying that at music concerts, sound quality is high on the list of priorities. Whether they’re in the front row or right at the back, fans should be able to hear their favourite songs clearly, even when the rest of the crowd is singing along.

Naturally, that’s more difficult in larger venues. Sound diminishes in quality the further it travels, so large speaker systems are needed to ensure everyone can hear properly. But therein lies another issue. Crank up the speakers too loud and the volume can result in decibel levels that risk damaging peoples’ hearing.

Stadiums face similar challenges. Crowd noise has been known to reach 100 decibels within stadiums, 15 decibels above what is considered safe, so monitoring sound levels is an important safety consideration.

On the other hand, a big draw for live sports events is the atmosphere generated by the fans. When a crowd really gets behind their team, the energy in the stadium can feel electric, so harnessing that energy correctly is extremely important. Get this wrong and the result can lead to a flat atmosphere, which makes for an underwhelming fan experience.

It’s a fine line to tread that requires precise acoustic control.

acoustic treatments for multipurpose stadiums

The importance of stadium and arena acoustics is well known to architects, However, the need to incorporate acoustic controls alongside functional considerations and the overall aesthetic vision for the structure means that the design, construction and materials used can end up compromising the auditory experience.

It’s even more difficult in multipurpose stadiums. Increasingly, sports stadiums are hosting touring music acts. The acoustics in a venue might be tuned to perfection for a football match, but the steepness of the stands, the softness of the grass or any number of factors might affect the sound quality of a concert.

7,500m2 of SonaSpray K-13 white acoustic spray applied at the International Arena Wales in Cardiff to control reverberation & condensation. Credit to Kier and Scott Brownrigg.

For example, when Wembley Stadium was being rebuilt, stadium acoustic designers were keen that the famous ‘Wembley Roar’ of the old ground was maintained in the new. To recreate this crowd noise, sophisticated acoustic computer models were used to channel reverberation. Unfortunately, in the years since, too much echo and reverb has been one of the chief complaints of concert-goers at the stadium.

our arena acoustic projects

Ice Arena Wales

Oscar Acoustics were responsible for implementing quality stadium acoustics at the Ice Arena in Wales. This is the home stadium of ice hockey team the Cardiff Devils, but also hosts a variety of other significant events.
We had to tread the fine line discussed in order to create impressive results. In order to create an acoustic environment that was enjoyable for spectators, but also looked aesthetically pleasing, we applied 7,500m2 of our specialist acoustic solution SonaSpray K-13 to help control reverberation across the venue.

Learn more about our ice arena acoustic project.

how to improve stadium acoustics

It’s important to remember that stadiums and arenas are often meant to become iconic features of their local area. Of course, you want your venue to sound great, but you don’t want any acoustic instalments to detract from a striking design.

Premium acoustic sprays with seamless finishes like SonaSpray can be quickly applied to give venue owners the best of all worlds – a fantastic looking arena that offers perfect noise control.

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7,500m2 of SonaSpray K-13 white acoustic spray applied at the International Arena Wales in Cardiff to control reverberation & condensation. Credit to Kier and Scott Brownrigg.

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