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Noise and reverberation reduction in restaurants with SonaSpray K-13


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Credit to photographer Andrew Urwin.

About this project

SonaSpray K-13 in black applied to the soffit at the Byron Burger restaurant in Piccadilly Garden, Manchester to control reverberation and refurbish the old ceiling.

Credit to photographer Andrew Urwin.
Credit to photographer Andrew Urwin.

With tiled floors and walls, noise levels during service would have been extreme. SonaSpray K-13 acoustic spray created a relaxed and comfortable socialising environment with great restaurant acoustics.

Credit to photographer Andrew Urwin.

Research shows that customers are more likely to return again and again to acoustically treated restaurants and the staff are no longer subjected to dangerously high noise levels in the work place. Noise reduction in restaurants is a very worthwhile investment for your business

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