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Architectural practice, dMFK, attract staff back to the office with market-leading acoustic design


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dMFK Architects choose SonaSpray K-13 acoustic ceiling spray in grey for its London HQ office. Photo by Killian O’Sullivan.

About this project

In 2022, award-winning architectural practice dMFK, in collaboration with architects Sher + White, embarked on refurbishing dMFK’s headquarters in Fitzrovia, Central London, to create an appealing and collaborative space for its workforce. They enlisted Oscar Acoustics to help create an acoustically balanced environment which would also work with the aesthetics of the interior space.

SonaSpray K-13 acoustic ceiling spray in dMFK architects HQ offices. Photo by Killian O’Sullivan.
Photo by Killian O’Sullivan

Julian de Metz, Director at dMFK, said: “Our goal was to create not only a beautiful and functional space, but also a home-from-home sanctuary that would encourage staff to spend time in over remote working.

To compete with the comforts afforded by home, we needed to create a beautiful space where the ambiance matched the surroundings.

There were several acoustic challenges, as the building featured an array of hard surfaces which combine to create a lively acoustic environment.

The resultant noise levels can cause undue stress and distraction, making it difficult for staff to focus and converse.

We needed a solution that could soak up sound energy, creating a softness that would promote focus and wellbeing, whilst still feeling homely.”

Photo by Killian O’Sullivan

sound solution

Ben Hancock, Managing Director at Oscar Acoustics, said: “With 45 years’ experience in providing acoustic solutions for busy commercial office spaces, we knew that SonaSpray K-13, from our acoustic spray range, was the ideal solution. It significantly reduces noise reverberation by absorbing sound instead of reflecting it.

We applied it in a stunning pale grey colourway to the ceilings of the areas with the greatest potential for excess noise – the communal areas, large meeting rooms, and co-working spaces.

Our team’s specialist experience made for a smooth installation process, easily meeting the project’s tight programme.”

SonaSpray K-13 acoustic ceiling spray in dMFK architects HQ offices. Photo by Killian O’Sullivan.

green and clean

As an ISO 14001 accredited company, sustainability and the use of healthy materials were key components for dMFK.

Ben commented: “Our SonaSpray range is ideally suited to low-carbon projects as it is made from recycled materials and is M1 Classified as a Low Emitting Building Material. It contributes towards many sustainable design and health certification systems including BREEAM, and adds up to 17 points towards the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating of a project.

Staff safety was also a key concern. Hancock commented: “We’re extremely proud of SonaSpray’s fire safety credentials. It’s one of the few acoustic sprays on the market that goes above and beyond Approved Document B fire requirements.”

Photo by Killian O’Sullivan

a home away from home

On the finished project, De Metz commented: “We’re thrilled with how the office looks and performs. Oscar Acoustic’s SonaSpray is the single most noticeable and effective material in our office and directly contributes to day-to-day comfort and the ability to work without bothering others.”

what our customers say

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“Acoustic health is now a major talking point, and more businesses are coming round to the idea that spaces need to sound as good as they look. Our collaboration with dMFK helped to create a prime example of how flexible workspaces should look and feel, creating a ‘next generation’ office that they are rightly proud of.”

Ben Hancock – Managing Director, Oscar Acoustics

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