Manor Drive Methodist Church

SonaSpray for quality church acoustics without design compromise

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Manor Drive Methodist Church

About this project

Following the removal of asbestos in the dome and vaults, the church acoustics deteriorated dramatically. Worshippers complained they were having difficulty in hearing and understanding services due to sound reflecting around the room, a common problem in large and hard walled buildings like churches.

We were recommend by an independent acoustic consultant who specified our SonaSpray K-13 noise reduction insulation in white. This special decorative acoustic finish was applied to the dome and vaults at a thickness of 16mm.

Manor Drive Methodist Church

The acoustic finish is designed specifically for situations similar to those found within a church. Little to no soft furnishings, and lots of open space for sound to reverberate and spread quickly around the room.

After we had finished applying the spray, the new church acoustics were put to the test and the results were outstanding! Graham Titley, the property manager, was thouroughly impressed with everything. From the reduced noise levels, to the high quality finish of our SonaSpray and the professionalism and work ethic of our in house team.

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