evo-blade razor-edge trim – case study

Evo-Blade razor-edge trim chosen for world-famous fashion brand’s global stores


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Image credits – Tom D Morgan Photography.

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Certain brands are forever synonymous with luxury. When Italian architect Vincenzo De Cotiis redesigned the flagship store for this designer fashion house, he wanted to capture the company’s refined essence in both the layout and aesthetic.
He also sought to integrate the brand’s core, distinctive pattern throughout.

Image credits – Tom D Morgan Photography.
Image credits – Tom D Morgan Photography.

With the help of Oscar Evo-Blade® razor-edge trim, De Cotiis was able to realise his vision, creating sharp recessed lighting grids in the ceiling design that evoked the company’s signature tartan motif.

The end result is a striking space that reflects the brand’s timeless elegance and its open, yet intimate gallery-like environment has become the new global design concept for their other stores around the world.

Image credits – Tom D Morgan Photography.

Discover the secret to elegant plaster and acoustic plaster ceilings with dramatic shifts in height, sharp recessed lighting channels, perfect corners and a seamless finish every time with Oscar Evo-Blade®.

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