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SonaSpray acoustically treats large spaces without design compromise


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This acoustic ceiling is 3000m2 of our SonaSpray fcx, a recycled architectural acoustic finish that was spray applied and then trowelled on application by our in-house specialist team. Applied to the feature curved ceilings throughout, SonaSpray fcx is through coloured, negating the need for decoration saving both time and money on projects.

SonaSpray fcx acoustic ceiling spray throughout Colchester Visual Arts Centre.

A large space like this project in the Colchester Visual Arts Centre would normally be extremely reverberant and noisy with its timber floor & minimal walls; but instead the feeling is more of a grand open space that is lined with plush carpets and soft furnishings. Superb gallery acoustics were achieved throughout offering a comfortable and inviting space for all staff and visitors.

The designer was able to acoustically treat this impressive space with our SonaSpray fcx acoustic spray finish without compromising on the minimalist design and visitors can now enjoy the relaxed environment within the reception and cafe areas.

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